Social Media – Content, Context…..How about the Customer?

Most times when you read about social media best practices, the content and context themes are most often mentioned.  Fair enough.

But what about the B2B market?  The type of content that sizzles and bedazzles an individual consumer is not what a B2B customer or prospect wants.  Rather, they are looking for something practical that they can use in their day to day job.  As for context, they desire the content to be free of a vendors handprints all over it.

Before social media applications were around, B2B marketers had to rely on rather static tools like client e-newsletters and webinars to convey thought leadership content to their customers and prospects.  These tools will still have their place because the number of B2B social media utilizers is still low compared to the B2C market.  But now a B2B company’s subject matter experts can use social media to disseminate content that not only meets the customer needs,  but advances a company’s though leadership strategy.


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