Thought Leadership as Your Brand Vehicle

A good number of B2B product and service providers do not have the marketing budgets to establish and reinforce their brand like B2C companies.  Instead, much of their brand is created each time the firm interacts with the client.  And in most cases, the client or prospect is the one who controls when and how they interact with the client.   Many companies in the B2B market place have extremely limited opportunities to proactively reach out to their clients (account manager check-in, new product or service awareness call, client newsletter, etc.) and in most cases the interaction is reactive (service issues, product or service question, etc.).

As a result, most B2B companies have an extremely passive demand generation and brand strategy and are not looked upon as critical partners of driving revenue by sales, operations and senior management.  So what can a B2B marketer do?

Well for one, B2B companies can develop thought leadership content and disseminate it through email, e-newsletters and social media vehicles.  But of course, such methods are tactical.  What is really needed is a strategy.  And of course that depends on your market situation, goals, and commitment to thought leadership that not only “leads” but also connects with the real needs of your customers and prospects.


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