B2B In-person events and Thought Leadership

As shown in a poll I described in an earlier post, in-person events are a great place to secure B2B Thought Leadership.  It’s also a great place to land business if your speech impressed someone at the event.  That’s two for the price of one.

But how can a firm leverage its in-person events AFTER everyone has gone home?  How can you reach out to someone who attended, but didn’t get a chance to talk directly to you (boy, you must be one good speaker for that to happen!)? How about reaching those that attended but couldn’t make your session?  For that matter, how do you reach the person that wanted to attend, but their schedule couldn’t accomodate it or their budget was busted?  And what about all that nice content that you developed that worked so well in-person?

Do you get someone to video you there?  That’s pretty expensive and the editing process will be time intensive.  Not to mention video is good for some subject matters, but not always so good for complex subjects.

I can offer two suggestions which are not mutually exclusive.  First you can make a webinar out of the material you created.  If you go this route, make sure you target the right segments and craft the content to meet the needs of that segment.  Make it interactive by adding polls to capture market research.  Make it engaging by embedding multi-media and video in short engaging snippets (no one wants to keep on staring at PowerPoint slides!).  And just don’t send out an email invite to the usual suspects or issue a press release.  Go all out and use every channel at your disposal, including social media.

The second suggestion is to use a tool like Articulate to create engaging Flash based presentation that are self-service oriented.  Without a moderator or the absence of the “dropping out” guilt feeling, these recordings need to be sharp, easy to navigate and to the point.  Once developed these can be sent out via all channels and if properly developed, can have a long shelf life.  You can even see what slides someone has viewed and how long they spent on a particular slide!


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