Using Social Media for Thought Leadership? What lessons can the eLearning world teach you?

I recently came across a question from someone on LinkedIn regarding best practices for getting  subject matter experts (aka the potential thought leadership bloggers at your firm) to consistently produce content for their inbound marketing efforts.  Reaching back to my elearning days at Centra, it dawned on me that many good lessons could be learned from the numerous elearning experts that have worked with SME’s over the last 10 years to produce quality training content.

The big problem for elearning professional (then and now) centers around inspiring over worked SME’s to not only produce content, but produce excellent training content.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Do you have a hard time trying to extract excellent thought leadership content from your SME’s and senior management team?

One best practice from the elearning community is to train SME’s on the model you will be using and babysit them with their first project.  If inspired, they quickly will get the idea.  If less inspired, you need persistence and patience in abundance.  There are plenty of elearning blogs out there to gain more insight.

Incidently, one good tool for producing elearning content (as well as social media content) is the Articulate Presenter tool for producing Flash based recordings with multi-media plug-ins. Their forum would be a good place to search for best practices as well.


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One response to “Using Social Media for Thought Leadership? What lessons can the eLearning world teach you?

  • Summer S.

    I’ve always found that most leaders or trainers in most industries today are intellectually capable of providing quality training content and quality produce / return. However, the same number of people and often the same people themselves lack one thing: ethics. Most mangers or SMEs have forgotten how practicing ethical decision making in their respective areas of expertise can lead to a more productive leadership and training.

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