Groundswell as Good Example of Thought Leadership

The other day a senior executive asked me for a good example of Thought Leadership.  I quickly thought of the Forrester book Groundswell and all of the attention it grabbed.  Like a good thought leader Forrester was ahead of the game.  Did it have all the answers, no.  But it did try to cover the landscape and offer a framework of how to handle the new phenomenon of social media.  Was it perfect?  No, but no one was looking for all the answers.  They just wanted someone in authority to come out and try to tackle it.

Lately Forrester has had a few issues around the Groundswell itself.  I encourage you to read the recent blog posting by a VP at Forrester about the issue.  It could serve you well if your firm confronts backlash as a result of tackling difficult issues in your industry as a thought leader.


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