Siteless Web means you have to bring Thought Leadership to the customer

A good friend of mine, David Wieneke, just posted an excellent article on his blog about the coming of the siteless web.  I believe this trend will have profound impact on how a B2B company will implement a thought leadership strategy over the coming years.  The days of “post on your web site, and they will come” are gone.

Read the article to learn more about how traditional web sites and pages will give way to mashups and blogs.  The result, according to Dave, is a ” web experience that at first is highly distributed and less centered on home pages. This, I believe, will easily transition to applications experiences that don’t rely on the conventions of pages, sites, or even being online.”

Source: Hubspot

The initial proof in Dave’s pudding is the trend toward blogging (both for thought leadership as well as other initiative).  Studies have shown that already blogging is just as important that corporate web sites.  In some cases even more important.  For example a recent Hubspot study indicates that companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages that those that don’t blog.

In most cases the blog comes to the user via a referral (digital or otherwise).  In the case of thought leadership, the referral might come from someone you follow on Twitter who tweets about a meaningful article (post, video, chat session, virtual conference, etc.) about a key issue in your industry.  Or it could be some who reads the posts and sends a link to it via email.  The key is that with the birth of social media and its networks of followers and recommenders, there are a whole lot more ways to build credibility and trust in the eyes of your customers and prospects with your thought leadership content.


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