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Thought Leadership now on the top level nav bar!

Recently I ran across the web site for Tata Consultancy Services.  The site is rather unique in that it calls out Thought Leadership in its upper navigation bar next to Offerings and Industries.  It’s exciting that thought leadership is getting such a big headline.  At the same time, I am concerned that this attention will only be short lived if many companies highlight their thought leadership without first developing a thought leadership strategy consistent with their marketing and business strategy.  I alluded to this “disconnect” in earlier posting about Gartner’s attempt to define thought leadership.

It would truly be sad if  readers looking for deep thought leadership moan “Ughh!” and simply bypass top navigation menus offering TL content.  I am afraid that this might happpen if more and more sites promise thought leadership, but instead exclusively serve up marketing centric content.  I guarantee this will happen if a preponderance of companies take it even further (or lower) by using TL to harbor thinly veiled product positioning documents.