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How Thought Leadership helps your Solutions Marketing efforts

Most Service Companies do quite well without adopting a classic “Product Marketing” approach to their strategic marketing plan.  While their marketing strategy, campaigns and tactics typically include most of the 4 P’s, a slavish approach to those principles is not required.  Rather, a “Solutions Marketing” approach is a wiser approach, both with established services as well as newly introduced services.

And central to any Solutions Marketing methodology is a detailed analysis (segment by segment) of the highest priority needs that the service company can meet with their solution(s).  The various solutions that “go-to-market” are constituted by a properly positioned set of primary services (the core of the solution) and ancillary services (content, knowledge transfer, training, etc. that wrap around the core) that meet those needs AND provide industry thought leadership differentiation.

Why is Thought Leadership a necessary condition of solutions marketing strategy?  Two words – Brand differentiation.  Unless your go-to-market solutions and marketing campaigns are imbued with your brand (why our solutions provide a competitive advantage to the client compared to competitors), you need to rebuild credibility with each any every marketing effort.  Thought leadership serves as glue which ties together all of your services and solutions and presents one face to the marketplace.